2012-12-11 18:25:30 by mickthepenguinNG

is it me or is people saying that my drawings is getting better???


2012-11-29 19:18:18 by mickthepenguinNG

hi guys

my own website

2012-09-30 20:22:31 by mickthepenguinNG

here it isi make my own website go check it out and it done by notepad i know i have to put codes in it but i still working on it

sony update

2012-09-17 13:12:59 by mickthepenguinNG

just been informed that sony have decided to release a final psp update the version is eithher 7.00 or 7.01 or higher


2012-09-10 10:42:19 by mickthepenguinNG

i won c :


2012-08-12 18:47:07 by mickthepenguinNG

my game is finally keeping it on newgrounds :)

drawing some art

2012-07-22 11:52:22 by mickthepenguinNG

hi guys and this is a quick update i am going to do alot of art's and things i well animate better and put it on newgrounds but that well comeing soon i hope i don't know anyway more art's are comeing

mickthepenguin on NG

2012-07-06 10:05:44 by mickthepenguinNG

hi and i am mick and i am a animator and i do some animation's on youtube and then i hear about NG so i was like aye maywell sign up on NG so that why i make this post thing on NG :)